A resource for children entering a new situation

Giving the child a voice, this book provides an understanding of the individual child's strengths and difficulties.

Who is the book for?

"Meet...Me!" is for teachers and parents of children who are transitioning to a new class, a new situation, or new (and potentially challenging) environments or activities. In particular, children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or a neurodevelopmental disorder such as ADHD, may find it especially useful.

The central message is simple...

To enable the child to have a great experience in a new class, or in fact, any new situation, to get to know the child as an individual and provide the necessary adjustments to his or her curriculum. 

How the book works...

This wonderfully illustrated resource has sentence starters and tick boxes for the child and parent (or teacher) to complete highlighting the child's individual characteristics and needs. Once completed it is passed onto the child's new teacher in the transition process. 

The "Meet Me Quickly" booklets follow a similar format but are intended to be passed onto sporting coaches, music teachers, etc.


Anxiety and the Autism Spectrum

This practical toolkit is ideal for teachers and parents to inform other professionals about the individual child in order to create a smooth transition to a new situation.

About The Authors

Dr Anne-Marie Coughlin is a child and family psychologist who works with many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. With a background in teaching, Anne-Marie also has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by children with autism when transitioning to a new class/year level. 

John Walters is an educator and author who is regularly invited to speak locally and internationally about early literacy and parent engagement. Having been a teacher of special needs children and university lecturer, John brings a wealth of experience to the creation of practical learning tools.



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